Stack [Second Accounts: Browser]

Purpose #

Using Stack allows you to separate personal accounts and work profiles so that you don’t mix applications, emails, and anything that could be mixed up.

Very easy to use.

Uses less resources on your computer. Really good if you don’t have a good computer.

How / Where to Install #

Go to StackBrowser

Click Download.

Follow the instructions here to install

Setting Up Stack for Work #

Top left with the capital S, click to open this small menu.

Create New Space and it will ask you to give it a name. Call it Work, Tonari, or something you can recognize for that purpose.

It should be (3) as you have a total of 3 free work spaces.

Now time to set up your tabs. #

Start with the + button and google what you need or have a direct link.

Some really helpful ones

  • For Google Calendar Project Deadlines |
  • Your GMail to access any important emails
  • Google Calendar to see and set up personal and work calendar
  • It may be a good idea just to have Discord open on the browser version on Stack if you do not have the downloaded discord.
  • Maybe having Time zones open is helpful!
  • Having the Production Drive open for material and you can also upload right away.
  • Air Table is pretty nice to have open!
  • Lastly, maybe you are still learning things in animation and so you want have some guide opens!

Okay now that you added some / all of these tabs,
It should look something like this on the side.

In stack these are called Cards, but they are basically tabs!
Congrats! Now you have the a separate browser for work. It may also be your new daily browser if you like it!

Now you want to better your experience with stack? Check out these following tips.

Tip 1: Turn On Ad Blocking / Website Trackers #

Ad Blocking: It will block ads that may be annoyance, take up your time, distract you, may be inappropriate, and or block malicious / ingenuine websites and downloads.

Website Trackers: Although mostly harmless, it just helps protect how you use the internet and the companies won’t have any information on who you are unless you sign into their website.

Tip 2: Split / Dragging Screen #

To go back to full screen you can double click the top of the bar. Or

Tip 3: Top Toolbar Tools #

You will find some extra tools here but two main things you may use:

Clear Cache: for when the website is not loading certain images or features.

Suspending: a card / tab will make the page dormant, meaning less resources being used for your computer. This is especially helpful if you computer isn’t the fastest.

When compared to Chrome, chrome typically attempts to keep running all your tabs and plugins for the fastest and seamless loading; but at a cost of computer performance which may not be ideal if you are running other programs that require ram memory, or CPU.

Tip 4: Extensions! #

I wouldn’t recommend so many extensions but these are the best 3 you should install!

Bottom left of Stack

Grammarly: Helps with grammar, even if you are a native English speaker this still helps a ton! And if English is your second language, this will also really help and can teach you to be more concise and correct with your words / sentences.

Last Pass: You could use another Password Manager but I love to use LastPass as its well known, well trusted, and some already may be familiar with. It helps keeps passwords so that you don’t forget and also can auto log you in to websites!

Night Eye: If you work at night a lot or just hate the light, bright backgrounds on websites this helps lessen strain on your eyes from constant bright light webpages.

If you have any further questions or have more tips for this section please contact Mashiron on Discord!