Tonari Animation is currently looking for the following positions.
Resumes and portfolios can be sent to
Consider creating a Cover Letter.

Animator (アニメーター) - Full Time Salary

-Knowledge, ability, and experience in: Layout, Genga, Douga, Paint

-Meet a weekly quota of Layout, Genga, Douga, or Paint assignments. 

Animation Director/Supervisor (作画監督) - Full Time Salary

-2 years minimum experience in animation supervisor position


-Correct animations and drawings of the animation team in Layout and Genga stages
-Train animators, and help develop training curriculum during production down time
-Weekly quota of cuts during productions

Art Director (美術監督) - Full Time/Part Time Salary

Tonari Animation is looking for an artist to take on the studio leadership role of Art Director.

-Strong Portfolio of digital painting with an emphasis on mimicking traditional painting styles
-Animation experience (Plus, but not required)

-Create art settings for backgrounds, props, locations, for animated productions
-Develop the visual style of Tonari Animation's backgrounds
-Train and guide the background art team.