HR Policy and Procedures -ENG

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Purpose #

This document is designed to define and outline how Tonari Animation handles misconduct and
NDA violations from contractors.

General Policy #

Misconduct Guidelines

Below is what constitutes as misconduct:

  • Creating and/or engaging in unpleasant behavior in the Tonari server and/or with other
  • Tonari contractors
    • Insulting/abusive language
    • Making statements which demean others
    • Gossip
    • Racism
  • Failing to meet deadlines
    • By accepting jobs, you are also agreeing to comply with given deadlines.
  • Not complying with work quota (Fixed Rate Contractors only)
  • Using other company assets to do work for Tonari (Computers, tablets, etc).
  • Provide false information on invoices in an attempt to get paid for work which was not completed.

Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement Policy #

What is an NDA and Its Purpose? #

A non-disclosure agreement(NDA) is defined as a legal agreement between at least two parties

regarding the use and disclosure of certain non-public proprietary information.

Under an NDA, a person or entity cannot disclose confidential information to others without

proper authorization from the other party in writing.

The purpose of the nondisclosure agreement is to create a confidential relationship between
Tonari Animation and its Contractors to ensure client information and work is protected, this
includes any art created by the contractor as well as any information/materials/art on the
Discord Server and Production Drive.

NDAs also protect spoiler leaks from reaching news networks, social media, and press.

Violating the NDA #

Breaching an NDA is very serious, and if you find that someone is violating the NDA agreement
or is mishandling information in some way, we ask if you could please fill out the Anonymous

Concern Box.
Note: We have no way of knowing/tracking who made the comment in the box.

When mishandling occurs, it means that someone has either revealed or acquired private
information without authorization. Mishandling can occur in several forms:

  • A competitor promises an amount of money to the contractor in exchange for information.
  • Contractor distributes private information to an outside party who later reveals this information publicly.
  • A contractor publishes information to the public including social media without prior approval.
  • Streaming NDA animation work outside Tonari’s discord server
    • Exceptions:
      • Striving for Animation Pro channels
      • Tonari-owned IPs: i.e. Second Self, Sophie Commercial
        • Tonari IPs can be streamed outside because we recognize the importance of getting live feedback or sharing your process with communities outside of Tonari

Violation Procedure #

Failure to abide by the NDA and/or Misconduct guidelines will result in the following procedure.

Strike 1 – Caution #

A caution is meant to alert the contractor that a violation has been identified. The immediate
supervisor is expected to describe the expectations and discuss steps that the contractor
should take to correct it.

Suspensions #

If the contractor makes another violation, the next step is to give suspensions. Suspensions
come in 2 different levels and will be given by the Studio Manager. A suspension is a period of

time that a contractor will be removed from the work server and not able to take work from
Tonari until the suspension expires. Suspension expiration dates will be provided for violations.
After the expiration date, contractors will need to ask to be brought back into Tonari’s work
server in order to resume work.

  • 1st Offense Violation (Strike 2): 30 day suspension
  • 2nd Offense Violation (Strike 3): Permanent suspension

By signing this HR Policy and Procedures document, you are agreeing to follow its rules and